13th Annual IFVP Conference
August 6-8, 2008 Chicago
Day 1: Professional Development
Welcome from IFVP President Rob Benn
Conference Opener
Graphic Recording 101
Using Art to Stimulate the Imagination: Case Studies from the Ancient Greeks
Growing our Businesses by Appreciating our Gifts
Day 2: Tools and Technology
Facilitating Three Dimensional Image Making
The Tools We Use: Visual Metaphors and Narrative Analysis
The 2008 Horizon Report: Key Emerging Technologies
Thursday Afternoon Open Interest Space
Day 3: People We Work With
Cultural Dimensions in Visual Representations
Building Capacity to Tackle Complex Challenges
Visual Thinking Tools for Change Management
Friday Afternoon Open Interest Space
Conference Closing, The Tipping Point
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Friday, August 8, 2008 from 9:00 to 10:30am
Cultural Dimensions in Visual Representations

Tomi Nagai-Rothe, Senior Consultant, The Grove Consultants International
& Regina Rowland, MGD, MPNLP, PhD (ABD)

Thinking big
includes working globally and across cultures. This requires growing and nurturing cultural sensitivity in the work we do as visual practitioners. This session is framed around four leading questions the participants can keep in mind during their work with diverse audiences: Audience Analysis; Needs Analysis; Methods Analysis; Involvement of Participants. This session is designed to include a short intro, group practice sessions, and large-group call out.

Attendees will learn:
Information and resources for learning about cultural dimensions and their relevance to visual facilitation
Practice in culturally sensitive ways of visual mapping
Reflective question frame to keep in mind when approaching projects with culturally diverse participants

Both Tomi and Regina are biculturals who work internationally as consultants, facilitators, and visual practitioners. They both have been exploring options for culturally sensitive visual facilitation. Tomi has lived and worked in Japan and was deeply involved in the development of Globalwork: Bridging Distance, Culture and Time (Jossey-Bass). She has worked with clients in India and South Africa and is currently interested in bringing cultural awareness to intra-national work settings where cultural diversity is largely unseen. Regina just completed her dissertation research bringing together the disciplines of intercultural communication and visual communication through group dialogue,collaborative mapping and interactive graphic facilitation. Her experience includes facilitating in the Middle East, Africa, East Asia, and Europe, as well as teaching at one of the most diverse campuses in the country, City College of San Francisco.

Bruce Flye will be recording Tomi and Regina's session. Bruce joined the IFVP in 2007 and contributes to this year's conference by organizing our speakers.
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Regina's Map of Model-Making was inspired by integral theorist Don Beck.