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My Favorite Image

I was asked to redo a graphic recording for a local organization with a strong focus on community building and creative placemaking. Since then, they'd added two initiatives and had some updates update the chart. One of those updates involved the unleashing of a small herd of goats on a stretch of publicly owned land as a low-cost maintenance solution. "What good way to get rid of unwanted growth," I thought. I was about to write GOOD RIDDANCE on the page and suddenly it occurred to me how similar the word GOOD was to GOAT. "Goat Riddance!" I chuckled to myself.

Who to Follow During a Pandemic

The answer to the question of who to follow during a pandemic, in short, is whomever you choose. But the longer story begins a long, long time ago. As a child, I spent a great deal of time indoors because of a serious asthma diagnosis. Anything could set it off–strenuous activity, fresh-cut grass, cigarette smoke, pet dander, feathers, pollen, heat. So I stayed inside and learned how to draw and craft. It was fun. Once I made a "proton pack" out of cardboard and pretended to be a ghostbuster and ran around saying, "I ain't afraid of no ghost!"

Weird Moments in GR History

In 2016 I was asked to scribe for a large YP conference. They were expecting 300 people at a local casino. The plan was to feature the scribing on stage with the presenters and on screens around the venue. That plan required several, too-big-for-my-Hyundai, foam core boards. I accepted the challenge and added the date to my calendar. 


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