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WEB Dubois, A Pioneering Visual Practitioner

Picture this. The year is 1900 and the stage is the World's Fair in Paris, France. Two men arrive with the purpose of sharing their research on the current state of life for the recently emancipated American slave. One of those men is empirical data-obsessed Harvard grad W.E.B Du Bois who would become one of the most prominent African American intellectuals and civil rights activists of the early 20th century. But for now, how would he present the groundbreaking exhibition of a complex, uncharted subject?

Get to know your IFVP BOD–Kim Dornisch

Hello IFVP Community!
The IFVP Board Members are beginning a series of monthly communications focusing on why we believe the IFVP is so important to the Visual Practitioner community. I have the honor of being the first!

IFVP Baby Update

A few thoughts to leading into 2019.

  1. Looks can be deceiving. As visually oriented folks it often feels like what you see is what you get. Turns out, looks aren't everything and things often appear worse than they are in reality. Even when things are really "bad', us humans–especially the baby kind–are incredibly resilient and strong. Faith is about leaning in to a belief beyond "evidence." Ours has certainly been tested. 

Neuland- Fifty Years of Passion

Neuland Fifty Years of Passion, from Germany with Pride!

by Renatta Algalarrondo

Over the many years, Guido Neuland have provided so much, not just in terms of financial support and supplies to our conferences, but most importantly his advice and support as we have worked through the various stages of building a robust international, professional association. Guido’s experience in working with visual practitioners in all phases of professionalism and in all parts of the world have offered invaluable insight and advice for how we pave the way for the future of this blossoming industry. Verena Hanke-Neuland; Guido’s wife, played a key role in the visual community and in the company by mastering the art of making connections and build bridges between the visual practitioners, the industry and their needs.

Together, they are consistently bringing ideas to life, prototyping new products, trying new approaches, co-creating with their teams and improving processes and incredible professional products for facilitators, graphic recorders, trainers, coaches, consultants, etc.

Our organization couldn’t be more proud of our partnership and it’s a privilege to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the company that represents so much to us. The positive impact that Neuland has on our community lies way beyond the markers and amazing Graphic Walls, it’s been developing a bigger and stronger visual community worldwide.

On a personal note, I had the privilege to attend the Neuland Fifty Years of Passion celebration in Bad Hersfeld, Germany on October 6th with six fellow Neuland Ambassadors. It was a humbling and lovely experience to meet the extensive Neuland family from the founder to the following generations, team members, suppliers, staff, colleagues, and re-sellers. I’ve never felt so welcome and part of a family in one night like that.

To celebrate the Neuland’s Fifty Years of Passion we share with you a brief interview with Guido and Verena and some pictures of the celebration. Enjoy!

Editor's Note–September 2018

How do you get better at Visual Practice? The first time I asked myself this was after a compliment. “Your work is beautiful, but you have to get faster...most PATHs should only be about 45 minutes," Bridget, lead trainer and PATH process facilitator, said.  The last one ran just shy of two hours–oops. “As the graphic facilitator your role is to capture the ideas quickly and succinctly.” At the time, I didn’t know about Visual Practice or that IFVP existed: Google was my only hope.

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IFVP’s Fall Check-In

Contributed by Sunny Benbelkacem
Wow! 2018 has been a whirlwind! Summer has flown by and we are quickly approaching the cusp of fall. I, Sunny, your humble reporter and Board President, wanted to take a moment and reflect on all we’ve planned, done, and what is still to come. I hope you’ve noticed the flurry of activity, movement, and momentum these last 8 months. Let’s review the great work this volunteer board has been focused on. Here we go!


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