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A Letter from the Editor

That's a great question Launa. Here I was, staring at a blank page (the story of my life) wondering what to share with the good people of IFVP. But since you mentioned it, why not give it a go…shall we? First, we can acknowledge the diversity that already exists within IFVP. Our membership stretches all over the globe with over 400 visual practitioners in over 30 countries. Wow! Members have come from all kinds of occupational backgrounds from bartending to stock trading.

Roberta Faulhaber–A Rose in the Garden of Our Hearts

On June 10, the IFVP and the visual practice community lost a brilliant, skilled and beloved member, Roberta Faulhaber. Brandy Agerbeck made the announcement via a Facebook post to the Graphic Facilitation group page:


For those of us who have not had the pleasure or privilege of knowing Roberta the bio from the WHO WE ARE page of her website reads as follows:


Ben Crothers / Atlassian / Sydney, Australia / IFVP social media team 

"I design with people not I never expected to win. It was a bit of a creative exercise.” Ben’s voice swelled with surprise. He wasn’t going to submit an entry, until a fellow IFVP member encouraged him to. "IFVP is a community and I wanted to try to invoke community in the design." A blog post on his website details how the design came about–and features mock ups of the designs in use. "It's all ways good to show and not just tell," Ben said. 

Member in the Spotlight for April 2018

It's raining Bran!

blank canvas rain.jpg

You heard it here first: beloved IFVP member, Brandon Black has officially taken the reins of Newsletter Editor.

And why is he typing in third person? No clue but that ends now. Hello all. I'm very excited to have the honor of serving as Newsletter Editor. This month, I called an audible and decided to pull double duty to let you know more about myself and some plans we have for the the newsletter. Ready? Let's do this!


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