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Are you Team Luck or Team Hustle?

What's been a greater factor in your success as a visual practitioner?

Luck: favor, blessing, or just plain luck. Opportunity comes often as an unexplainable product of good fortune. 


Hustle: Effort. Going out, creating and capitalizing on opportunities. No accidents or mysteries: just hard work. 

Not sure which way you lean? See if one of the following series of expressions resonates: 

A. Luck

The Look (of Love) Ahead

Perhaps you've noticed the Love in the air this February.

That's because we're experimenting with monthly themes for the Newsletter. The next two upcoming themes are:

March: Luck & Hustle

Featuring advice and stories about Preparation, Grind, Blessings, and Right-time, Right-place Serendipity


Old Flame, New Love with Sheilvy Salazar

Passion Phase: Graphic Recorder (1-3 Years)

Sheilvy Salazar; United Arab Emirates–Dubai; Background: Fine Arts, Logistics; Social: Instagram @sheilvy and @workshopinc101

Sheilvy had a college romance with Visual Practice. "I am a graduate of Fine Arts so anything to do with colours and pens and drawing excites me," she revealed. But, once she left school an enticing opportunity to make good money at a well paying job divided her attention. She had to decided whether to stay loyal to her love or break off the relationship for a management position at a logistics company.


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