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Story 8: 48 Hours to Burlington


Moral of the story:  Always expect delays when you are traveling and make contingency plans. But, sometimes you can’t plan for it. Sometimes you have no control and you have to just buckle up and hope for the best.

To go from San Antonio, Texas to Burlington, Vermont, direct by plane, is four hours. With a layover, it’s approximately 5-1/2 hours. But again, that depends. . .

Story 7: Who's Listening and How


Moral of the story: I invite you to read the story first. It actually triggered two important lessons for me that I will spell out at the end of the tale. The story will set the context.

I was asked to record at a gathering where all 35 participants were deaf except for the speaker, the coordinator, the signer and myself.

Story 4: UFO Conference


Moral of the story:  When you record, it helps to know a bit about the topic and its context ahead of time. The more you know, the more you can support the client. And sometimes, you just can’t know, so you have to wing it.

Story 3: One Person's Trash is Another Person's Treasure


Moral of the story:  I have learned over the years that clean up crews don’t always read your ‘do not remove’ notes, especially in large hotels. If you really want to preserve your work, keep it in your possession, or don’t take your eyes off of it, or lock it up.

Story 1: The Flood


Moral of the story:  You have to be able to adapt and roll with the punches as a graphic recorder. You are there to support whatever is emerging, no matter what it is!

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