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Lettering for Visual Practitioners Available in English and German

Sprichst du Deutsch?

[Do you speak German?]


Dieses Buch ist für Sie!

[This book is for you!]

Dank unserer guten Freunde bei Neuland ist mein Buch "Geh aid Lettering Reise" jetzt auf Deutsch und Englisch erhältlich, damit Sie wählen können!

[Thanks to our good friends over at Neuland, my book Lettering Journey is now available in German and English so you can choose!]

Year-in-Review Rituals for You and Your Clients

Wrapping up the year can look a lot of different ways.

As visual practitioners, some of the most valuable tools and assets we have can be turned on ourselves. For those new to the field, you can use what you have learned in your trainings to use with your clients—whether it’s formal training from places like The Grove, Bikablo or the giants who came before us—or new influences you have experienced on the job.

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