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Why I like the UZMO lightbulb

My favorite icon is the UZMO lightbulb. I draw it many times in my trainings and of course I am biased, as I work very close with Martin Haussmann, who author of the “UZMO – Thinking with your pen” book.

Visual facilitation for society in times of Covid-19

We have been wondering for a quite a while, how we could leverage our skills to serve our community in times of Covid-19. When I say we, I am talking about the trainers, visual facilitators and graphic recorders at bikablo.

Here are three ideas and we would like to encourage you to do the same, if you feel that it is something that feels good to you and serves your community.

The Coca Coffee experience

It actually happened at last year's IFVP conference when I was outside, having a coffee with Brandy. The coffee was so hot, that it was not drinkable.

Brandy offered to cool down the coffee with her coke and I bought into the idea. Turns out you don't even taste the difference :)
Still makes me laugh when I think of it.

Join the IFVP social media comittee as a volunteer

Start planning the new year and join IFVP as a volunteer!!

The IFVP is growing on an international level and we need to fill a couple of positions, all related to social media.
If you are social media savvy and would like to contribute to our work and tell people about it, join us.

Read the volunteer description below and send an e-mail to if you are interested.

Members 4 Members

IFVP is a community of like-minded people. We would like to foster the community spirit by encouraging our members to share and care for each other. All of us have something special to offer. Be it as a visual practitioner or another professional field. The board welcomes the idea of the members4members program, where you can offer services or products for your peers.
One of our founding members is making the first step: The Grove offers IFVP members a 100 USD discount for their courses.


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