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Bilbao Visual Thinking Global Summit 2022

¡En un año nos vemos en Bilbao!!! 
27-30th JULY BILBAO 2022

Let's speak visually and act together!
We want to bring people from all around the world together to explore through visual language a different and more sustainable communication for our world (post-corona).
We want to see you next year in Bilbao!!!

Is the CONFERENCE the glue of the IFVP?

On a recent meeting of the IFVP BOD there was a moment for reflection, an open dialogue and the question that emerged was about which is the GLUE that sticks us all together.

The CONFERENCE has been always the CORE of the association where everyone meets and greets. A big moment of joy to share and exchange passion, knowledge and build connections. From that perspective the question was launched…

A small plant can change everything // Una planta puede cambiarlo todo

The Posidonia is a sea grass that populates the Mediterranean waters and as many others issues regarding our world ecosystem is in emergency state. The Save Posidonia Forum is an event in which the projects and presentations that qualify for the title Save Posidonia are exposed, aspiring to reach international awareness on the implementation of sustainable models in Mediterranean communities and, very particularly, in Formentera, a small island in the Balearic archipielago.

...the day before buying my first pinboard...

Happy and excited arrived to one my second gig, as a professional graphic recorder,

after observing the work of my global colleagues, using humongous rolls of white paper

on flat white walls, haven´t realised the importance of the working surface.

Then I arrived to "El Casino de Madrid" a landmark of the city, a historical building

in which I had been many times before but, of course, looking at it with different eyes.

Then my brain used a tool A.K.A. the RETICULAR ACTIVATING SYSTEM


Mantener el fuego vivo y las ganas de reunirse de una comunidad emergente de profesionales de la visualización en el marco europeo ha sido tanto un desafío como una motivación. La inspiración comenzó con la elección del lugar, Dimad - La Central de Diseño - una asociación creada por diseñadores para el desarrollo de la cultura del diseño como herramienta para la transformación y mejora de la sociedad.

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