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Leah Silverman's blog

My Introduction to Graphic Recording

In 2001 I was the office manager and graphic designer for a biotech start-up. Our CEO was an author and former Wall Street Journal editor who loved innovative ideas. He invited a fellow from Chicago to facilitate a meeting around complexity. A week later I got a call that went a little like this: “Hi, you won’t remember me, but my name is Peter Durand. I was in your office last week and I want to move to Pittsburgh. Can you recommend a good place to live?”

Graphic Jam with Avril Orloff

IFVP invites you to unwind from your busy week on Friday, June 19th, 2020 for Virtual Cocktails and a Graphic Jam with Avril Orloff. Set aside an hour to 90 minutes to relax and have a little fun with friends.

WHEN: Friday, June 19th, 2020 at 4pm EDT New York

My favorite graphic

I love the opportunity to tell a story with graphics – sometimes drawn on the spot in real-time during a meeting, and in other instances, in my studio with more time to think about how to portray the idea. Recently a client asked me for an illustration to use on her telehealth website.  She asked me to draw a patient in his bed wearing a ring on his finger to indicate his health was being monitored to a computer.

Practice Your Drawing and Don't Take Things Too Seriously

One of my early graphic recording gigs was in the fall of 2010. I was scribing for a major pet food company. It was the start of day two and I was just beginning to feel comfortable in front of the room drawing for the dozen executives. I had drawn a dog and cat standing on their hind legs, with the dog holding a banner. The participants were calling out takeaways from the previous day.

My history with the IFVP

I've been a member of IFVP ever since I went to my first conference in 2007. I'm new to the Board of Directors this year and want to share a little pictorial of my history with the organization.


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