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IFVP Asia gathers!

I was glad to be invited by Chung Li, Tul and Jilly to zoom in with the IFVP Asia meetup on Saturday, November 25th (that's their time, for me it was 9pm on Friday night!). It looked like about 60 participants altogether (about half online, half in person) and for me there was active conversation on the zoom chat and facebook group. I met some very talented and excited people who were eager to learn about visual practice and the IFVP.

November IFVP Board of Directors

The IFVP Board of Directors met for their November meeting. After reviewing minutes, financial reports and membership reports, we discussed the upcoming Global Summit scheduled for July 30 - August 2 in Montclair, NJ. We noted that we have more proposed workshops and pre-conference sessions than we can possibly offer, we are grateful for the interest expressed by members from all over the world. Our review committee will be working to contact those who have offered proposals in the next weeks. We are working to launch our Early Bird registration on December 1.

Neuland Markers introduced to workshop participants

At the recent National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation conference in Atlanta a group of IFVP members offered a workshop on "Visual Practice for Dialogue and Deliberation." Through the generous support of Neuland, we were able to offer participants their own first set of professional markers. The 349 conference attendees witnessed graphic recording in practice as we created 30+ boards, and the workshop participants were excited to begin their own scribing journeys.

October Board of Directors Meeting

The IFVP board of directors met on Monday, October 16. We checked in and received membership and financial reports. We discussed the upcoming summit in Montclair and noted our goal to have early bird registration ready by December 1. We discussed possible partnerships with other relevant associations such as the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation (NCDD) that might provide cross-association benefits like having our "find a visual recorder/facilitator" map on their website since their members are interested in having GR/GF work done with their member projects.

IFVP Board of Directors September meeting

The IFVP Board of Directors met on Monday, September 11. We checked in and looked at membership and financial reports. We discussed progress on the 2024 Montclair Global Summit and prepared feedback for the planning committee. We spent time discussing the Online Learning Series and upcoming speakers. We had done a survey of meeting feedback and realize that we need to spend time both in general discussion of our goals as well as time on specific initiatives.

Summit advance team visits Montclair site

Some of the members of the 2024 Summit team visited Montclair on Tuesday, August 15 to meet with representatives from the School of Communication and Media, the Broadcasting department, housing services and the gala meeting room. We spent some time in downtown Montclair (see the Montclair Center website!!!) with brunch in a Turkish owned cafe and in the evening had dinner in a bookstore/Italian restaurant combination! We've learned from 2019 about the importance of providing transportation to and from downtown, so watch for news about that.

August IFVP Board of Directors meeting

The IFVP Board of Directors met on Monday morning, August 14. We took time to check in and reviewed minutes, financial reports, membership reports and correspondence. We are delighted to have the support of Neuland for our upcoming 2024 Global Summit and will have more details in the next weeks. The Summit planning team will be on site Tuesday, August 15 to walk through the rooms, sign agreements and explore the downtown offerings.

Value Propositions: Agency and In-House

The IFVP board has been working through a strategic planning process we began last year, and we are closing in on some focused ideas about who we serve and what value we can bring.

The personas work we have done has given us four categories of members to focus on. This blog post reports on our draft value propositions for two of them: Agency owners and In-House visual practitioners. 


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