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Global Summits for 2024 and 2026!

At their July board meeting the IFVP received two recommendations from the Global Summit Proposal Review Committee. We had requested proposals from our membership for a number of months and then the Review Committee took time to speak with the potential organizers. 

IFVP Institute June Board of Directors Meeting

The IFVP Institute Board of Directors met on Saturday, June 24 for an update on our certification project. For some years now the Institute has been working with materials gathered from across our community regarding the skills present, and seeking to provide a visual competency practice model that would bring these together for informational, mentoring, developmental and certification purposes.

Teaching Visual Thinking to Youth

As an educator and a visual practice enthusiast, one of the happy things I get to do is bring the two together. This past week I was invited to offer some visual "draw on the wall" instruction to youth at a theatre camp.

Version 1.0 of our Personas

As part of the Board of Director's work on strategic planning, we have settled on version 1.0 of our personas. Our goal was to think clearly about who our members are and what different needs they have. We intend to serve our members with solid value, and the persona framework will help. 

Board of Directors June Meeting

The IFVP Board of Directors met on June 10, 2023 for our regular monthly meeting. Much of our time together focused on finalizing work from our 2022 strategic planning process. We settled on a set of personas that will guide our focused work on developing value propositions and crafting a renewed communications plan. We also received an interim report from the committee sorting through proposals for the 2024 Global Summit. We are hoping to reach a decision in the next few weeks and announce our plan. Thanks to those who have submitted proposals for 2024.

AI call begins our journey to engage

On Wednesday morning about 40 visual practitioners gathered to discuss the development of AI and what it means for us. Panelists discussed various dimensions including using text AI for business development, visual AI for ideation and tile generation, and explored what is going on in these large language models. There was good discussion about copyright and use issues. The recording is available under the "members" tab to both basic and premium members. More to come!

Adding Testimonials To Your Profile

Members, have you filled out your online profile? And if you have, we've added a simple way for you to format testimonials you might want to include.

When you are signed in and go to your profile, you will see the "About" section, and in the formatting options you will see what look like quotation marks. This will automatically apply formatting that makes your testimonial stand out.

This is what it looks like publicly in the image below.

Why is visual practice useful? (GPT-4 says so!)

I was preparing for a meeting with student interns where I was going to introduce visual methods for their summer program. I asked GPT-4 (artificial intelligence) a simple question and got an interesting answer. Phil Guo, Roy Blumenthal and I are doing a zoom call on May 31 to talk about our experiences with AI. Here's the answer I got...

Why is visual practice useful?

Visual practice, or visual thinking, is useful for a variety of reasons in different contexts, whether it be in education, business, or personal growth. Here are some reasons why it is beneficial:

AI and visual practice


We are working on a special IFVP panel event to discuss how text and visual AI can and is being used by our community. Roy Blumenthal, Phil Guo and Dr B met this morning to begin planning.


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