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IFVP Institute Board Meeting February 2023

The IFVP Institute board met on Saturday, February 18 for two hours. We discussed progress on the certification project and marvelled at the amazing amount of information that we have gathered throughout this process of gathering models and skill descriptions from over 17 models that exist in our field. We are preparing materials for our launch in partnership with INIFAC. While there are other initiatives we would like to work on, we are focusing on completing the finalization of these materials.

IFVP Board Meeting February 2023

The IFVP board of directors met on Saturday, February 18 for two hours. We reviewed our vision and mission statements and discussed ways to support our members in their practices. We continued our conversation about the personas or different types of members and what would be valuable to them. We worked on a series of questions for a survey to help us understand how members in different regions have different experiences and needs related to their visual practice.

AI arrives, let's talk!

More and more people are using AI to generate text and images, which makes us sit up and take notice! At a recent event I was scribing, one participant said about my drawing "it's like you are translating into another language!." We take in prompts and generate (as Dan Roam would say) VIVID artifacts, visual and verbal interdependent. So I asked chatGPT to tell me about the value of graphic facilitation (I'm teaching a three week graduate class at Montclair soon) and then asked a stable diffusion AI to draw me a picture about graphic recording.

December board of directors meeting

The Board of Directors met on Saturday, December 10, 2022 from 8:30-10:30am NYC time. We welcomed our new board members and spent time thinking about who we are together as the 2023 board. We spent time reflecting on our strengths and weaknesses and how we might work together to advance the sustainability of IFVP and deliver strong member benefit.

November Board of Directors meeting

The Board of Directors met in November for a regular meeting. This was both a happy and sad meeting in that it is the time of year when we say goodbye to some members and welcome new members.

IFVP Board meeting October 8

The IFVP Board of Directors met on Saturday morning, October 8. After spending time checking in, we reviewed past minutes, financial reports and updated ourselves on current developments. We are excited that two of our members have had workshops accepted by the IAF for highlighting during Facilitation week (October 17-25). This gives our visual community more exposure among a global group of facilitators who may never have considered using or working with visual approaches.

Our 2023 Strategic Plan

Coming out of the covid years and looking at all of the changes taking place in meeting styles and the challenges faced by our members, the 2022 Board of Directors undertook a series of guided strategic planning sessions to see what might need to evolve or change in our IFVP life. Those meetings led us to new mission and vision statements, as well as six initiatives and six committees that we will be working on/with through the next year. They are listed below.


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