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2022 Global Summit: We’re Back!

Our 2022 global summit took place this past week in Bilbao, Spain. Hosted by Miry Artola and her company Muxote, she worked with an international team (koko) to create an amazing time of reconnecting and celebrating our community as we returned to an in-person gathering. There was dance and food and hugs and lots of joy as the team welcomed us to a well planned and artistically woven four days of meetings. I have yet to finish discovering all of the resources on the summit Miro board, which includes hours of video of speakers and the talented artists who enriched our time together.

2022 Annual General Members meeting this coming Thursday!

If all goes as planned, I'll be in Bilbao in a few days for the Global Summit meeting, the first of our two year cycles in the new "conference" structure for the IFVP. As part of that gathering, we'll be holding our AGM on Thursday as a working lunch. We will have a dedicated zoom link available for those who cannot be there physically. This is a good moment to look back at the past year (or two!) and think about where we are going as an organization.

“…the premier field-level organization”

I recently read a description of the IFVP from an outside observer that made me proud. The article was reviewing the history of visual facilitation and noted that the IFVP is “the premier field-level [visual practice] organization.” The language was new to me, and I’m hoping we can integrate it into the way we see and talk about ourselves.

my reason

Over the past ten years I've gotten somewhat involved in this community. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be of service in these presidential roles for the IFVP and the IFVP Institute. I thought it might be useful for me to share why I'm here.

Our strategic planning work

Hello IFVP friends! This is my first blog entry since taking on the president role from Sunny (big shoes to try to step into!). I'm grateful for the way the Board of Directors has been working to think through the evolving mission of the IFVP. So many things have changed in the 25 years since a few gathered in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our field has expanded globally and we now have members working together in agencies and interrally in corporations.

#drawing4peace in solidarity with Ukraine

This is a request that goes out to all VISUAL PRACTITIONERS around the globe 
 get your markers, pencils, stylus, iPads, bamboo pads ready and sketch to support peace in Ukraine.
 visualization is our tool spread the sketch and use #drawing4peace 
 raise your visual voices - be creative, dream or just share your emotions - and show what´s all possible
 IFVP - International Forum of Visual Practitioners

IFVP Institute October Update

Hello! I'd like to tell you about the IFVP Institute in this blog and invite you to consider how you might participate in our work!

Our current board is composed of four IFVP members.


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