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IFVP Institute December update

UPDATE FROM THE IFVP INSTITUTE: We are holding monthly meetings and recently welcomed two new board members. Carlo Gilmar joins us from Mexico City and brings a connection to young professionals. David Sibbet joins us from Petaluma, and brings us a connection to the founding and development of our practice.

My favorite graphic (from the last few months)

Early in the COVID restrictions Holger offered some trainings on making the virtual pivot in our work. I've valued his trainings and support in the field over the years, and was pleased with my visual notes from his zoom call. 

IFVP Institute notes from March

The IFVP Institute board met the first Saturday in March for our regular monthly meeting. In true visual form, we worked from a mind map that our secretary Raquel turned into a masterpiece of visual recording! We are all a bit preoccupied with adjustments in this crisis time, but there are some points of progress.

Scariest Moment (or one of many!)

I was drawing for a major business conference at Rutgers Business School in 2016 when the discussion turned to innovative entrepreneurs in Mexico. There was much discussion of different places and I wanted to draw Mexico quickly. Google images on iphone to the rescue! It is hard to search and listen at the same time!

Bakelaar December board profile

Hello visual community! What a wonderful gathering of amazing people. I’m very grateful to have been welcomed into this community and am glad to offer what support I can for the practice.


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