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Renatta Pastorino Algalarrondo's blog

End of year IFVP workshops and conference retrospective

Covid-19 took its toll on our livelihoods this year. Yet we continued our efforts to improve our earning opportunities with networking and trainings. We launched the Online Learning Series – OLS in February this year and little did we know it’d be such an important source of development and connection, a true member benefit.

OLS Neuland's Fusion of Tools - Dec 5th 9am EST/15h CET

Join us on December 5th at 9:00 AM EST
Vancouver, Canada - 6:00am - PST
New York, USA- 9am EST
London, UK - 2pm GMT
Madrid, Spain - 3pm CET
Berlin, Germany - 3pm CET
Bangkok, Thailand - 9pm ICT

In this session we will explore several Neuland tools and new ways of working with them. Let's hear from special guests Neuland Ambassador® and IFVP board member Elena Urizar from Spain, and Neuland Toolmaster® Benjamin Felis from Germany. I will share the latest Neuland news and practical ways of making the most out of your Neuland tools.

My favorite graphic

My all-time favorite graphic to draw is a portrait. In my opinion, it humanizes the chart. I draw portraits of people and its different hairstyles as a way to bring a little bit of humor and even foster interaction, as people often try to find themselves or colleagues in the portraits. Very often I draw them faceless so I leave room to the imagination of the participants.

 It's interesting because many times I'm drawing live with my back to participants and when I finish I always got a few hairstyles right of people in the room. 

Thorough security and Graphic Recording

A few years ago I was hired to work at the headquarters of an aerospace conglomerate that produces commercial, military, executive and agriculture aircrafts and they asked to submit in advance a thorough list of materials on my working bag and the exact amount of each similar item. I complied. Well, little did I know that upon arrival on site, before going through the x-ray machine, the security team will be checking the submitted list item by item and inspecting every single marker I had (there were 121 of them) uncapping them and trying a few ones!

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