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Building Community - Vancouver and Victoria Visual Practitioners

Vancouver and Victoria Visual Practitioners Meetup

In April, Sam Bradd (Vancouver) and Tanya Gadsby (Victoria) co-hosted an social evening for graphic facilitators and visual practitioners. Thank you to everyone who came - from 6+ cities and by car, ferries and even a plane - to network and talk shop.

graphic recording facilitation meetup vancouver 2019 sam bradd tanya gadsby

Celebrating Our Year at Drawing Change

2018 was a year to celebrate! Here's a few things we're proud of at Drawing Change:

  • We supported dozens of meetings that upheld the values of learning, cross-sector collaboration, and being in good relationships with one another. Thank you for your partnerships - we were invited to facilitate and graphic record in 9 provinces, three territories, 5 states, 4 continents, and Indigenous communities (First Nations and Inuit) this year.

Graphic Recording and Facilitation Training: Vancouver 2017

There’s no shortage of information anymore. Even when we have all the data and people in the room, it doesn’t always add up to a great meeting. What’s missing are people who can help groups make sense of information and tools to help people feel heard. This is the moment where visual thinking tools – such as graphic recording and graphic facilitation – have impact.  

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