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A eulogy for an IFVP member

Brenda and I first met at my first IFVP Board Strategy retreat in D.C., in November of 2015. The instant we met, Brenda and I recognized sisterhood in the other. 

Welcome our new Directors

Say hello to the new Directors being added to the IFVP Board of Directors for 2021.
  • First we have Chrissie Bonner of Philadelphia, PA. She owns and operates She has been a member for more than five years and brings a lot of experience in business management and development.

IFVP 2020 Year in Review: what a year it has been!

We started the year 2020 excited about our 25th-anniversary conference. Part of the volunteer conference planning team met in the Bay Area to finalize our planning for the conference. We were planning a session honoring our roots and pioneers (lots of BIG names), a 25th-anniversary gala celebration with awards, dancing, and comedy along with refreshing conference nice-to-haves like a quiet room, guided meditations to open and close the day, hikes  and bike rides for Open Space, a pool party, and a giant structural installation for sense-making by

Spreading the news...

By Amy Sparks and SunShine BenBelkacem

Are you following the IFVP news and programs coursing through your social media streams and on our website? We’ve got a great team of star volunteers to thank for it.  They might not be showing their face on our platforms but they are making IFVP very visible by sharing information with visual practitioners across the globe. Here’s a look behind the curtain at the volunteers running the social media channels for IFVP.

IFVP supports #BlackLivesMatter

As a global organisation, the IFVP is committed to diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI). We must speak out against violence and injustice. We must be advocates of equality and justice.


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