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The State of the IFVP: First Quarter 2020

Dear IFVP Members, 
Heather Martinez recently wrote to me, “This week has been a whirlwind of a year!” I’m going to co-opt it and change it to, “The first quarter of 2020 has been a whirlwind of a year!” This applies to both my personal and professional life. 

On Resilience as a Visual Practitioner

I’ve been in this field of facilitation and designed workshops, more or less, for over 22 years. I started “scribing” and “knowledge working” at Ernst and Young’s Chicago ASE (Accelerated Solutions Environment) in 1997/1998. As I watched this pandemic spread and my in-person work calendar get scrubbed clean, I thought about my journey up until now. In 2001, we had 9/11. That slowed down work significantly. During that time, we shifted to working “leaner” and being able to perform more than one role.

Oh pooh!

In a curriculum redesign strategy workshop with the Dean and Chairs of a very prestigious East-coast Ivy League school, suddenly a very stuffy, old, white man stood up to say: “Our students GIVE a shit!” so emphatically, I captured it. Of course I drew a turd!!

Digital Recording in the Age of Virtual

In this age of uncertainty, travel restrictions, rescheduled F2F sessions pivoting to digital sessions, the GR/GF doesn't have to be left behind with their markers and paper. 

Learn and level up your digital recording skills with last years' digital series from IFVP's Fireside Chat series, featuring Verity Harrison, Heather Martinez, Malgosia Kostecka, Muddy Schlegel, Raquel Benmergui, Christina Merkeley, and Lisa Moore.

Click here to view the list

2018 in Review

As the President of the IFVP - International Forum of Visual Practitioners, I am responsible for writing IFVP business update articles. This is a huge task - ok, not really - in that it is about taking the time to reflect what has happened in the past year. At a recent IFVP Board meeting, when we talked about the Year in Review article, Renatta piped up, saying, "It should be visual." So I set out to create a visual Year in Review.


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