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IFVP Member Badge Contest Extended until March 3rd!

An official badge from a professional organization denotes adherence to a standard of professionalism and quality by the badge owner. In addition, in the mind of your Board of Directors, this is the mark that shows you, as an IFVP member, belong to a community that encourages generosity, learning, and growth.

State of the IFVP: Get a peek into plans for 2018

2017 came and went in a flash, didn’t it? Sometimes, when life is so busy, it feels like time slips away unnoticed until someone intentionally sits down to review all the good, bad, and the ugly that has happened over the course of a year. The IFVP board has been working hard to move the organization forward as a professional association for visual practitioners.

January 2018 Member in the Spotlight: Linda Gilbert

Your name, business name, title and location:
Linda Gilbert, Drawn Together Ltd, New Zealand

Linda Gilbert 1.jpeg

How long have you been an IFVP member?
Since 2014 (three years)

How many IFVP conferences have you attended?
None yet but I am hoping to attend one in 2019

How many years as a visual practitioner?

Meet our Newest Board Member, Kate!

Kate small.png

Name, Location, Company, Network affiliation(s), if any.
Insight Group, CEO and founder, Moscow, Russia

How many years have you worked as a visual practitioner?
I have been working with images my entire adult life, particularly actively in the last 5 years - teaching visual communication to people.


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