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Get to Know...the BLOG Feature

Marketing is a BIG deal in our profession, and one way to do is via blogging. Did you know that you can create your own blog series here on the IFVP website. It’s as easy as a click of the “Add new blog entry” button. Remember this is YOUR BENEFIT and yet another pathway for tapping into new markets worldwide!

Get to Know...Your Profile Page, part one

As we continue to learn about membership benefits, our next stop is the profile page. Read on for three steps toward optimizing this powerful marketing tool!

What questions about membership benefits do you have? Is there something you'd like to have more information about? Maybe you have suggestions for the tech team? If so, please comment below!

Get to Know...Your Website

As noted in the image, we want to help ensure you're aware of the many benefits of your IFVP membership. In this spirit, look for a series of blogs that highlight what's available to you. Each post will include a "tip or two" to keep it short and sweet and to encourage action. So let's jump in by getting to know....our website!

If you have questions about membership benefits or the website, OR you have requests on topics you'd like covered, please comment below and we can address them!

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