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How I Make My Sketchbooks With Just 3 Materials

Recently, I uploaded a straightforward tutorial where I show the process of making my new 'film journal'

This is how I've been making my sketchbooks for years now—the only twist here is that I use colored pages instead of white ones. And I think those turned out better on camera.

If you want to pick up a very simple method of putting together a sketchbook, I suggest you give this one a look.


One Thing I learned From the Kids' Workshop I Ran This Summer

I organized a kids' visual communication workshop earlier this summer. It had taken some time for a couple of the kids to feel comfortable with drawing freely and 'making a mess'.

But I think it was much easier for those kids to let go of any negative beliefs they had about their artistic abilities than it was for the adults I trained in the past.
These young people simply didn't have a long-established self-image of someone who's no good at drawing—they were equally new to everything else in life.

The weird intersection between the NGO world and the arts

Shortly after graduating from architecture school in the midst of the pandemic season, my thesis advisor invited (and mentor) invited me to join his newly founded NGO, ABC. You'll probably be hearing me talk about ABC a lot more in the coming few weeks and months, but from the start, we knew that there was a lot to learn about the NGO world: our experience in academia and design just wouldn't cut it.

Think Visual: The online class that changed the trajectory of my career

In September 2022, I put out a class on an online platform called Skillshare. I had spent months distilling what I learned about conceptualization in architecture school and making all of that as easy to understand as possible. 

That class ended up being Staff Picked by Skillshare and because of it, I was invited into an exclusive teachers' club on the platform where I'd receive benefits like guidance with making my videos, resources for improving my shots and entry to competitions. 

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