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AI arrives, let's talk!

More and more people are using AI to generate text and images, which makes us sit up and take notice! At a recent event I was scribing, one participant said about my drawing "it's like you are translating into another language!." We take in prompts and generate (as Dan Roam would say) VIVID artifacts, visual and verbal interdependent. So I asked chatGPT to tell me about the value of graphic facilitation (I'm teaching a three week graduate class at Montclair soon) and then asked a stable diffusion AI to draw me a picture about graphic recording. You can see the image above (phew, we are not in danger anytime soon!) and the text response is below (well, that one is pretty good...). As we explore, let's talk here in the blog post comments about our discoveries!

Hey chatGPT, Why is graphic facilitation valuable?

Graphic facilitation is a visual communication and problem-solving method that is used to help groups and organizations improve their understanding of complex ideas and concepts. It is a valuable tool because it helps people to better engage with the information being presented and to retain that information over time. By using visual elements such as diagrams, pictures, and graphics, graphic facilitation can help to clarify and organize complex ideas, making them easier to understand and remember. Additionally, graphic facilitation can help to create a sense of shared understanding and collaboration among group members, which can improve group dynamics and decision-making. Overall, graphic facilitation is a valuable tool for facilitating communication, collaboration, and problem-solving in groups and organizations. - chatGPT



I was surprised how well it

I was surprised how well it did. I'm going to use that with my winter class. I suppose it is like wikipedia, some answers are better than others, it takes a subject matter expert to give it a review and approve or reject