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“…the premier field-level organization”

I recently read a description of the IFVP from an outside observer that made me proud. The article was reviewing the history of visual facilitation and noted that the IFVP is “the premier field-level [visual practice] organization.” The language was new to me, and I’m hoping we can integrate it into the way we see and talk about ourselves. In our strategic planning work earlier this year, we worded our mission this way: As a global organization, IFVP energizes authentic connections for a generous global community of visual practitioners by enhancing professional and learning development through collaboration and valuable resources.

This captures well the evolution we are experiencing. As the field is maturing, there are many communities of practice and training opportunities emerging. The IFVP, as one of the founding organizations, has an opportunity to leverage our history to serve this growing global community by being an energizing connector. As one of our South American members commented recently, “what draws me to the IFVP is the connections, the belonging that I experience.” We currently have six initiatives underway to help us grow into that mission. These include developing personas and value propositions that can guide our value for entry level, developing and mature levels of practitioners who may be solo entrepreneurs, agency members or employees of large corporations. We are also exploring ways to engage in DEI awareness for our global community. The IFVP exists to bring value to our members, and we are looking forward in the next year to focusing our efforts on that goal.

In a few months we will be entering the nominations cycle for our international board of directors. These members are entrusted with the financial and programmatic well being of our organization, guided by our charter and our strategic plan. Please be thinking about who you might nominate to that board and watch for the voting in November.

We’ve learned new lessons from the past years, and we are finding our way into this still unclear emerging future, but we continue to be a generous, welcoming, creative and engaged community. We have a lot to grow into as “the premier field-level organization” that outside observers are watching! Thanks to all who are helping us to grow this future together.