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1st #Bilbao #VisualDayEguna

2 February 2019. The sky was veiled in multiple shades of grey. And it lashed out sheets of rain and little hailstones, giving our beautiful city that typical touch. From Jaén, Barcelona, Soria, Valladolid, Donostia, Zaragoza, Valencia, Castellón, Derio, Tolosa, Logroño, Madrid, Pamplona… straight and curving lines were enthusiastically coming in, with coloured felt pens, i-pads, note books and we were really looking forward to seeing each other, in the flesh not on the virtual plane and of sharing.


We were holding the first #Bilbao #VisualDayEguna. Organised by AulaBlog and Muxote Potolo Bat,  with the sponsorship of Bilbao City Hall and the collaboration of a number of related entities, we, the 120+ attendees, were aiming to explore in depth and discuss the contribution #VisualThinking  (defined by us as a universal language) makes to learning processes.

We are connected by our passion for #VisualThinking and our conviction of wanting to extend usage of this language in our classrooms, our teams, our relationships, our companies and organisations for five simple (and highly profound) reasons that emerged from the four talks and five workshops we listened to and took part in:

  • It attracts the attention, favours alignment and has the power “to engage” and commit the people taking part in the space who use this language. It contributes hugely to teamwork.
  • It enables us to retain and memorise information more powerfully. To synthesise. And to communicate it with greater impact.
  • It connects ideas, it connects people, it connects times and tenses, it connects words and it also… visibilises and connects us to silence (a powerful “word”). And from there it enables us to integrate and foster and respond to the diversity of which we are a part (people, realities, approaches…)
  • It is a language that connects us (in-out), that allows us to view scenarios (and to place ourselves in them) and from there propose future scenarios. It is likewise a powerful methodology that offers specific tools that afford order and structure. And from here we generate meaningful synthesis and narratives.
  • And those visual narratives reveal the intangible side, highlight the nuances and they lay paths whereby innovation may emerge.

And all of that in an enjoyable gathering. Putting faces to the names. Getting our fingers stained. Cooking up possibilities. Celebrating and grateful for sharing such good moments.

A great day. Well focussed. Triangulating ideas. Tracing connection lines. Spotlighting the key points. And doodling the possibility.

Looking forward to more: Back again next year! Laster arte! And in the meantime… Lots and lots of #VisualThinking!!

(if you want to read this article in spanish, click here!)

GraphicRecording by @muxotepotolobat @IratxeFdezMpb

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