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2018 Member in the Spotlight for August: Bek Savic

Bek Savic: A Social Media Send Off
By Heather Martinez
Rebecca Savic.jpg

Bek Savic attended her first IFVP conference in Hawaii 2011. It was in a hallway at the Big Apple conference in 2013 as she and her partner Leenie Fabri worked to find volunteers—during the conference to work the conference—that discovered the need to increase the IFVP’s presence on social media. After running into the newly elected president, Lynn Carruthers, she and Heather Martinez asked if they could start a social media committee. By the end of the conference, Bek banded together 5 people to start posting on social media:

Bek Savic, Twitter
Heather Martinez, Instagram
Becca Wilson, Pinterest
Manuela Bernard, Flickr
Sam Bradd, Facebook

In the early days, the committee Skyped and Bek carefully led each volunteer through the process of setting up their platform and creating reports to present to the board. In 2014 the committee published an inclusive one-pager to encourage people to post their work and processes online using the hashtags #ifvp and #ifvpmember.

Bek was a kind leader and advocate for the volunteer-based committee. Under her 5-year leadership, we went from seeing a few dozen people outside of the committee posting on social media platforms per week to the constant posting we see today. In the beginning there were both member and conference accounts for Facebook and Twitter. The IFVP was also represented on Instagram, Flickr, and Pinterest. While Flickr and Pinterest hasn’t had volunteers for a few years, Bek continued to grow the reach by establishing a LinkedIn account. 

There have been many volunteers contribute to the committee over the past 5 years. Thanks to their efforts, we are well represented online and encourage more members to join as the Social Media Committee works with the Communications Committee to continue to share important membership information and opportunities.

Many thanks to these volunteer members who have posted on behalf of the IFVP over the years:

Bek Savic - SMC Committee Chair 2013-2018
Heather Martinez - Instagram
Becca Wilson - Pinterest
Manuela Bernard - Flickr
Sam Bradd - Facebook
Fernando Perez - Facebook
Racquel Benmergui - Twitter
Laurens Bonnema - Twitter
Julie Gieseke- Twitter
Nancy White- LinkedIn, Pinterest
Gerri Dickson - LinkedIn
Ben Crothers - Instagram
Teresa Dannemiller - Facebook
Jose Anzizar - LinkedIn 
Tara Shanks - Facebook
Tamsen Mitchell - LinkedIn 
Rachel Thompson - Instagram 
Hannah Sanford - Facebook
Latrinia Elliot - Facebook 
Kailin Huang - Facebook