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2020 Conference

Our 25th anniversary celebration to remember our past, and together, build our global future... The in-person 2020 Conference is VIRTUAL. The IFVP 25th Anniversary Conference team's goal this year is to continue to encourage fellowship and networking. DAYS ONE and TWO of our FIRST VIRTUAL #IFVP2020 Conference have taken place. We will meet again on August 22.

Register and find more information for the Day Three August 22 Conference 
Make sure to download the Whova app so you don't miss any of the action that took place during the day. IFVP community networking and activity will continue in Whova through the next months!
View the complete conference agenda  (subject to change)

If you missed registering for DAY ONE, the recordings and handouts from June 27 are available for purchase. Recordings and handouts from DAY TWO will be available soon. 

We are proud to partner with our members and partners to offer Pre-conference and Post-conference training workshops:

Join Heather Willems and Gary Ware in an interactive immersive experience that will show you how to transform feelings of uncertainty and fear into self-confidence, excitement, fun, and purposeful action.
Friday, August 14, 2020 at 12:00PM EDT - 1:30PM

Neuland Pre-Conference Workshop:
How to be successful with analog tools in your virtual meetings and workshops
Thursday, August 20, 2020 at 9:30AM CDT - 12:30PM

A special Post-Conference Workshop:
Practicing Empathy for Social Connection
August 26 10AM-12:30PM US Central Time

"Working Visually in a Virtual World" hosted by Muddy & the Whiteboard Academy
The live June 6 workshop was recorded

If you missed the session you can purchase viewing rights to the recording and download the handouts.

View the MURAL Collaboration
tool workshop

Watch the video here!

This session has already taken place. Watch the workshop video here. If you're attending any of the IFVP Conference Days you will have the opportunity to watch the Knowledge Wall come to life!