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2020 Conference DayTwo Keynote

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Watch the opening Keynote address from Day Two July 25 of the 2020 IFVP Virtual Conference


Thank you, IFVP!

Thank you for making this available to all. I appreciate the opportunity to address the IFVP community, and I look forward to imagining the future of visual collaboration with you!
I'd like to note that in the video I am introduced as the Head of Product at MURAL. That honor belongs to Agustin Soler. I am the Head of Learning Experience (LX) and my team works closely with our product, partner, marketing and customer success teams to expand the MURAL service with a variety of real time and self-paced tools and trainings. If you have a unique method or practice that works well in virtual sessions, please feel free to reach out to my team, or to me in LinkedIn: