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2021 Regional Conference Meet-ups


IFVP members and non-members met around the world during the weekend of October 22-24, 2021. Thanks to the local organizers who put their time and energy to host the in-person or virtual meetings that were best suited for their regions. We will continue the format of Global Regional Meet-ups every other year. We would also love to see when communities can gather any time outside of the biennial IFVP schedule. Meet-ups don't have to be formal events. Grab a cup of coffee with a colleague, or jump on zoom with a couple like-minded practitioners, and talk about how IFVP can be of more support to you and what you can offer to support other members.

East Coast United States  Rachel Thompson and Brian Tarallo of NOVA Scribes hosted a 1.5 day in person event in an open space concept. The focus was around connection and "rekindling."



Bay Area United States co-hosted by Trent Wakenight of The Grove Consultants, and Leslie Salmon-Zhu

Our "West Coast Bay Area Visual Practitioners Meetup Group" aka BAVP had a fantastic no-fee inaugural zoom meeting on Saturday Oct. 23rd. Co-hosts were Leslie Salmon-Zhu and Trent Wakenight. Our invite list included people in related fields, many of whom were from our two personal networks. This allowed us to have conversations that were refreshing and surprising!

33 attendees from both California and our "California Cousins" from four other states came together for the full day. Our stellar volunteer presenters were all experts in their fields and stretched our thinking with provocative questions. The online event was a great success. Watch the recordings to relive some of the encounters. Next step: to inspire our newly found Meetup friends to help host and grow our BAVP!

Latinoamérica hosted by Reilly Dow and Carlo Gilmar
The team planned a virtual meeting entirely in Spanish and welcomed all Spanish speakers. Download the Meet-up Summary




Canada hosted by Laura Hanek 
A short and sweet virtual meet up for those located in Canada! Event was limited to 50 people online. Here are breakout notes that the group discussed and that you may also want to consider talking about with peers in your region.




Europe IFVP board Directors Sabine Sodeder and Sven Retore  warmly invited all to a space for getting to know each other, reconnecting, discussing, and exchanging ideas.




Africa hosted by Lita Currie
The Africa contingent of the IFVP hosted a online networking event for visual practitioners. Featured speakers were Ben Crothers, Sam Bradd, Brandy Agerbeck and Martin Haussman.

Use password VisPracAfrica2021 to explore the Miro Board created during the event.



Asia - A one-day virtual event was held on October 23 to connect visual practitioners. Participating countries included Viet Nam, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea.
 More Information Here




Viet Nam National Session hosted by Chung Le and Tul Lekutai
The Vietnamese sketchnote group met virtually and featured various visual practitioners from around the world to speak and teach.



China hosted by Phil Guo and a team of volunteers
The China IFVP team held a live, in-person/hybrid conference. China featured various visual practitioners who are leaders in the field.

See Photos from the event.

Check out the China Press Release about the Conference



If YOU are keen to host a meet up in your region, reach out to