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2022 Global Summit: We’re Back!

Our 2022 global summit took place this past week in Bilbao, Spain. Hosted by Miry Artola and her company Muxote, she worked with an international team (koko) to create an amazing time of reconnecting and celebrating our community as we returned to an in-person gathering. There was dance and food and hugs and lots of joy as the team welcomed us to a well planned and artistically woven four days of meetings. I have yet to finish discovering all of the resources on the summit Miro board, which includes hours of video of speakers and the talented artists who enriched our time together. There were a good number of tears during a performance at the Guggenheim auditorium where our dancer invited a blind and deaf audience member to perform with her as she signed holding his hand. We learned a great deal of how visual thinking can come from many directions and enrich our practice.

There will be much to unpack in the months to come, and I already have a dozen blog posts in mind. (Although I can’t post this one myself because my laptop power adapter, which Apple told me was dual voltage, decided it would spark and no longer work after I tried that!). Anyway, for now let me congratulate the team on an extraordinary event, and invite other teams to propose the 2024, 2026 and 2028 global summit locations. Just send me an email at and we’ll start the conversations with our summit committee to see where we go next!