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2024 Global Summit updates!

So we've sold out our early bird registrations (thanks all who boosted us into the new year!) and have now put in place the regular registration page. The non-member price is $1750 (summit and on-campus food, not travel or housing). Premium and basic members who are signed in to your account will find an automatic discount that will allow premium members to register for $1550 and Basic members to register for $1650. 

We are also opening registration for four pre-summit trainings that will be held on Monday, July 29. Each pre-summit training will last a full day. We open the summit the following afternoon on Tuesday, July 30. Here is initial information about what is being offered:

GR 101 will be taught by Renatta Algalarrondo and Lucinda Levine. This is an introduction to graphic recording, a great start for anyone new or wanting to get started in the field. Not only will you learn basics of working with markers and paper, but you'll begin to integrate into the community and network with others.

GR 201 will be taught by Liisa Sorsa and her team. This is a second level skill development for graphic recorders looking at composition, layering, color and other more advanced techniques. 

LEVEL UP YOUR LETTERING: GREATEST TIPS will be taught by Heather Martinez. Heather is a master teacher. She writes: Relying on your handwriting when capturing live in front of a client is fine, but you can level up your lettering by learning a few hot tips and the Lettering Hierarchy Formula to ensure you are capturing the right information at the right size. Build your confidence in the letters you write with field-tested practices and resources, designed with the visual practitioner in mind. Don’t have time to take the 2-day in-person or 4 week online course? In this full-day workshop, you will learn:
• Hot Lettering Tips designed for visual practitioners
• The Lettering Hierarchy Formula to efficiently capture all levels of information in live and studio sessions
• How to scale up a unique lettering style using the BigOne wedge or BigOne Art Marker (or both!)
You will also receive pre-con access to several online courses to get the ink flowing. AND access to the full suite of live lettering sessions and archives at (worth more than the price of admission).

MINDSET, BEHAVIOR AND METHODS: CAREER NAVIGATION FOR CREATIVES will be taught by Laura Leenhouts. She writes: Many of the materials/books/articles for how to get "unstuck" in your career or job don't address the uniqueness of being creative- the differences inherent in thinking differently and having the output of your work consist of something brand new and specific to each request or problem. This pre-conference workshop provides tools specific for creatives to help them think differently about where they might go and what they might do. As visual thinkers, we're accustomed to putting things on paper and understand the power of pen to paper- this workshop lets us apply that skill to thinking about ourselves. It combines a curated set of mindsets, tools and exercises from both design thinking and futures thinking to help us envision different potential futures and the skill and experiences that may be needed or success. By considering multiple possible futures and taking a user centered approach, we can develop robust possibilities that help us stay agile and better adapt to changes in the world at large.

You can register for pre-summits at this link. GR101 is $600, others are $750. Price includes materials, class, in-class food (not travel or housing). Prices are the same for all levels of membership.

Much more information will be coming, but as we finalize different aspects we want to get the information out to you. As always, you can send questions to Launa! If you find website glitches, send that to me!