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3 June 2024 OLS: Build Your Profitable Business as a Graphic Recorder

Build Your Profitable Business as a Graphic Recorder

with Marina Marisma


Do you recognize yourself in this description?

  • You have awesome graphic recording skills
  • You love your work
  • You love working live
  • Your clients are impressed by both the process and the result
  • At the moment, you are unable to get enough income from just graphic recording

Would you like to discover how to get new clients and how to get more requests from current clients? Maybe you hate selling. You should understand how to build relationships with clients and colleagues. Once you do this and realize how worthy your work is, you will feel free talking about money and offering your services.


We are more artists than business people. The objective of this workshop is to sprinkle some business concepts in your thinking by learning:

  • that selling is not a bad thing and how it works today
  • new skills about communicating value
  • new skills about building valuable networks
  • cost control tips
  • how to build long term relationships with both clients and colleagues


This workshop will be interactive. Your will receive some tips about business thinking, will lose your “talking about money fear”, and you will practice selling and communicating value skills. No specific materials are needed.

When: 3 June 2024 at 12pm EST/ 18:00 CET

Registration is required:

Our Presenter: Marina Marisma of Marina Marisma

Marina Marisma reinvented herself from a totally different origin: I worked as an architect and project manager for more than ten years. Then, my personal wheel turned I am!

I have built my business with no loans, no family money, no friends money, no fools money. After two years I had loyal and recurrent clients that admire and value the services I provide for them still today.

Currently, I am in the fifth year of a PROFITABLE graphic recording business, and I live better and happier than I used to.

If you want to build or grow your business as a graphic recorder, we can accelerate it together!

Event Date and Time: 
Monday, June 3, 2024 - 12:00pm
Event Location: 
Online - EST
United States
Event Type: 
OLS Session
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