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6 Lessons from Graphic Recording

1. Use a string for quick measurements and for making long straight lines on paper.
2. To create any construction lines, use a colored pencil instead of a pencil. I do this to avoid any light-colored markers picking up or smudging the pencil lead when I draw over it. This is a small detail but I feel like it kind of adds up overall.

3. When you're still starting out, I feel like it's easier to stick to all capital letters.
4. Buy (or make) sketchbooks without lines or dots. This could help train your hand to write in (approximately) straight lines, and help you get over any fear you may have of a blank page

5. When working for long periods of time, try not to zone out so much that you forget how to spell a word.
6. Swatch all of the colors you'll use in one notebook. I made a sketchbook specifically for this event and swatched all of the markers I'll be using for my graphic recording there. That way, when I wanted to use a color I hadn't used much of before, I could just see how it looked on my sketchbook and see if it is the right fit for what I need then.