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The first invitation to a gathering that became the International Forum of Visual Practitioners
Together with Karen Stratvert, Susan Kelly and Lynn Kearny, Leslie organized several annual conferences held in the San Francisco Bay Area. At one of these conferences, Jennifer Hammond Landau introduced the term “visual practitioners” to describe the diverse group of people working in visual fields. Later, Jennifer would also suggest that the organization adopt the name “The International Forum of Visual Practitioners.”

A few years later, at a conference held in Mt. Alvisio, California, IFVP member treasurer Greg Gollaher spearheaded the effort to establish the IFVP as a non-profit 501(c)(6) organization, which is the organization's current status. 

Over the years, our organization has grown into an international forum with hundreds of members. Our annual conferences are held in various locations, in and out of the United States, offering educational, marketing, and networking opportunities for our members. Become a member [internal link to membership] and be a part of our exciting organization, as we work together to advance the field of visual practice.