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AI + Visuals = Meeting Design

Have you ever wondered how to incorporate visuals into your meeting design?

Combining visuals with the facilitated Appreciative Inquiry (AI) process increases participant engagement in meetings through a shared vision of understanding—not to mention, enjoyment! Imagine where you fall in a Venn diagram. Whether you are an AI Facilitator who wants to add visuals to your toolbox, or an experienced Visual Practitioner who wants to integrate AI into your work, the combination of the two offer a rich, interactive environment for both online or in-person meetings.

This course is designed to give you a variety of visual tools, templates and exercises that align with each step of the Appreciative Inquiry 5D Framework. Following the framework, you can create custom templates to use as facilitation tools designed to meet your clients’ desired outcomes. We will explore these complimentary approaches with others in the AI and/or visual field to deepen your understanding and bring value to your projects.

The live, online sessions will allow you to experience the process as a participant and give you the insights to apply to your facilitative practice. Participants do not need to know how to draw, just have an open mind to drawing. We will cover several ways to make meetings visual without drawing live in front of your client. Nor do participants need to be certified AI facilitators or coaches. Regardless of your skill level, your interest and passion will drive your curiosity. Together we will dive deep into the value of visuals in AI facilitated meetings.


Each session offers a new library of resources to support your visual AI facilitation efforts.


Experience the magic of AI + Visuals = Meeting Design before the course begins! Attending this session is a perfect way to see firsthand how visuals, infused with Appreciative Inquiry, can enliven your facilitation practice.

You can sign up for the free SNEAK PEEK session here:

NOTE: Early-bird pricing for the workshop ends on October 18

Workshop sessions October 31 - November 3


You will discover how visuals and AI can be used to visually facilitate a discovery meeting with a client. There will be prework for this session so that you can start integrating what you learn right away.


Together we will leverage a series of visual templates to dream about the common desired outcomes of meetings and what you would like to gain out of the course.


Co-creation is key! We will custom design visual templates based on the AI questions we develop to engage participants. These will be shared to increase our library of resources.


There are many analog and digital visual tools used to support meaningful conversations. We will determine the appropriate tool for the job based on efficacy and your comfort level.

In addition to these live sessions, free sneak peak sessions and open office hours will be offered so that you can see how meeting agendas are visualized in real-time.

Visual templates and exercises shared in this class can be further customized for your use with any individual, team, organization or community. Additional resources will be shared should you want to expand your AI + Visuals practice. Participants will have full access to the instructor via email during the duration of the course. 


This workshop is designed for:

  • Visual Practitioners who want to integrate AI into their work.
  • AI Facilitators or meeting organizers who want to add visuals to their toolbox.


Please watch this video:


A week prior to the first session, you will receive an email that includes pre-work to get you thinking about a current client or project that you would like to apply your learnings to. Between each session, you will receive homework in the form of visual templates and checklists you can customize and use in the delivery of your AI + Visual work.

Event Date and Time: 
Tuesday, October 31, 2023 - 10:00am
Event Location: 
Online - MDT
CO 81301
United States
Event Type: 
Free Online Session
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