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Announcing the 2018 Conference! Welcome to Denmark!

Written by Renatta Pastorino Algalarrondo

Announcing the 2018 Conference, in partnership with EuViz: Rungstedgaard, Denmark!

In 2014, the first EuViz® conference took place in Berlin. It was organized by Neuland® and the Kommunikationslotsen and supported by an international core team. The first ever EuViz® was also an international IFVP conference – The International Forum of Visual Practitioners were co-hosts,and thrilled to hold its annual conference in Europe for the first time.

Two years later, in 2016, Verena Hanke-Neuland and Guido Neuland met with a handful of practitioners and conceptualized the EuViz®-Relaunch. The challenge was taken up by a European team of visual thinkers who now operate as the EuViz core team, supported by Verena and Guido. The team members are Christina Hemmingsen from Denmark, Mara Callaert and Christopher Malapitan from Belgium, Sara Seravalle from Italy. The team co-designed a series of two-day meetings throughout Europe in 2017 to discuss and co-create the future of EuViz as a community.


[Recording by Christopher Malapitan from the Rome EuViz meeting]

The first meeting was in Rome, Italy to talk about WHY; the second meeting was in Brussels, Belgium to talk about WHAT; and, the HOW will be the last meeting next week in Warsow, Poland – August 6-7. You can reserve your spot by clicking on the PowWow Three Poland icon to help shape How the EuViz will move forward.


In 2018 EuViz & IFVP are once again co-hosting a conference on European soil. This time, outside of Copenhagen, Denmark. We invite you to the beautiful resort town of Rungstedgaard, placed right on the shore of the eastern sound – overlooking the Island of Hven, and the Swedish shore.

Rungstedgaard is going to be THE place to be next year if you’re working within the field of visual thinking. For a full week, we’ll immerse ourselves in talking, thinking, sharing, showing, practicing and celebrating this diverse and emergent field.



Monday, July 30: Pre-Con workshops
Tuesday, July 31st to Thursday August 2nd: three day conference
Friday, August 3rd: Post-conference – a day to wind down, continue conversations started during the conference, hanging out on the beautiful grounds of Rungstedgaard, getting a refreshing dip in the Eastern sound…. or, just sit quietly and slowly transition back into the real world.

Learn more about Rungstedgaard and plan to extend your stay to experience the beauty of Denmark, one of the happiest countries on Earth, by clicking on the links: 
Visit Denmark

So, mark your calendars, start saving your pennies, sharpen your pencils, and get ready to draw in Denmark!



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