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Appreciative Inquiry + Visuals, Part 1 (Free mini-session)


Combining visuals with the facilitated Appreciative Inquiry (AI) process increases participant engagement in meetings through a shared vision of understanding—not to mention, enjoyment! Whether you are an AI Facilitator who wants to add visuals to your toolbox, or an experienced Visual Practitioner who wants to integrate AI into your work, the combination of the two offer a rich, interactive environment for both online or in-person meetings.

Participants do not need to know how to draw, just have an open mind to drawing. We will cover several ways to make meetings visual without drawing live in front of your client. Nor do participants need to be certified AI facilitators or coaches. Regardless of your skill level, your interest and passion will drive your curiosity. Together we will dive deep into the value of visuals in AI facilitated meetings.


In this free, 1-hour session, you will discover how visuals and AI can be used to visually facilitate a discovery meeting with a client.

If you would like to learn more, we invite you to participate in Appreciative Inquiry + Visuals: Meeting Design (part 2). In this virtual workshop we will dive deeper to create customized visual templates and exercises for use with any individual, team, organization or community. Additional resources will be shared should you want to expand your AI + Visuals practice.


This free Define/Discovery mini-session is designed for:

  • AI Facilitators or meeting organizers who want to add visuals to their toolbox.
  • Visual Practitioners who want to integrate AI into their work.
Event Date and Time: 
Wednesday, July 27, 2022 - 10:00am
Event Location: 
United States
Event Type: 
Online Workshop