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The art and science of Board Service

As my two-year tenure on the IFVP Board comes to an end, I'd love to share a few reflections with you in the hope that you will consider serving on this exemplary board that is dedicated to supporting and promoting visual practitioners.

Upon reflection, I believe the following three have been my most significant takeaways from this experience: 

1. Mentorship: The board's activities involve working with experienced members on explored and unexplored topics - which means there are plenty of opportunities to learn new ways of working, try new approaches, and create something where nothing existed before. All this with the guidance of an experienced mentor! A win in my books, for sure!

2. Community: The IFVP board is truly international! As a board, we meet once each month on Saturday morning (eastern time) over zoom, with smaller committee meetings sprinkled over the month. Collaboration tools keep us seamlessly connected through time zones - a connection beyond 'work' - I have found pillars of support, a sounding board for my thoughts, and just-a-phone-call-away friends in this wonderful community!

3. Strategic Outlook: As an organization, IFVP is constantly growing - and board members ensure that this growth is in line with the strategic priorities and founding principles. The board members constantly watch the industry trends to keep our work relevant for our members, provide a platform for our talented colleagues to share their wisdom and experiences, and rethink ways to keep IFVP relevant in these rapidly changing (and challenging) times.

In many ways, I have truly understood the art and science of service, and for that, I am beyond grateful to my wonderful colleagues on the board! As I turn the page of this chapter, I am excited for the story to reveal itself!