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Artificial Intelligence and our Practice


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Join three visual practitioners and a data scientist for a panel and conversation about how they are using artificial intelligence in our practice. GPT-4 and MidJourney will be featured. Come and begin to explore how you might use these tools in your business planning, promotion and idea generation.

Phil Guo is an innovation consulting practitioner, a lead visual facilitator of Deloitte in APAC, and the founding member of Deloitte Greenhouse in China. He is the founder of IFVP China presence and serves the global BoD of IFVP. Phil’s consulting approach is blended with strategic analytics and interactive media arts, with sector specialty in automobile and consumer products. His global consulting experiences include APAC, Middle East, Africa and the US, and has been featured on multiple business publications.

Roy Blumenthal has been a full-time freelance creative professional since around 1991. He's been an advertising copywriter, an industrial/corporate theatre writer and director, a filmmaker, and a standup poet. He opposes fascism and nationalism. For the past 16 years he's been primarily a live digital sketchnoter, making pictures of what people say, projecting the real-time drawings next to the speaker. Roy fell into the MidJourney AI art-bot hole, and is happily swimming in its undercurrents.

Phil Bakelaar is President of the IFVP and IFVP Institute. He comes to visual practice through his teaching at Montclair State University and background in communication studies (PhD, Temple University, Rhetoric and Communication). Though participation on the Pegasus Systems Thinking Conference series and training at The Grove Consultants, Dr B has brought visual practice to coursework at the university and a number of nonprofit organizations he consults with and where he serves on a variety of boards dealing with homelessness, food insecurity, refugee resettlement and disaster relief. 

Charles Liao has been working as a Digital professional in Finance, Retail and Brand for 10+ years in data science and AI application & commercialization areas.  With multiple experiences of entrepreneurship in both US and APAC, he has been focusing on the SOTA application of machine learning models for both CV and NLP since his first job as a data scientist. Currently Charles is Data Science and AI product lead in a 500 fortune, and he has been the advocator and influencer in the organization for open-source application of AIGC since last August.



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Wednesday, May 31, 2023 - 7:30am
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United States
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