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August 2017 Member in the Spotlight: Christina Hemmingsen



by Sunny BenBelkacem

Your name, business name, title and location:
Christina Hemmingsen
My primary profession: The Danish Insurance Academy, Project Manager & Visual Practitioner, Denmark.
My secondary profession: I also have my own firm, Visuel Proces, Visual Practitioner, Denmark. 

How long have you been an IFVP member?
Since 2013 (I think)

How many IFVP conferences have you attended?
Two. EuViz, Berlin in 2014 and Austin 2015.

How many years as a visual practitioner?
Five years.

How did you come to the field of visual practice?
Through a good friend, I was bouncing back after a particularly stressful time in my life, and he pointed me towards visual practice. It made complete sense, and proved to be an amazing tool in my everyday work. Besides that, it became a door to some amazing experiences: visual recording all kinds of companies, organizations and topics; teaching others basic visual tools; using visual tools in my teaching and project management practice.

Share an extraordinary experience you’ve had as a visual practitioner
My first conference, in Berlin in 2014. It was so overwhelming to be there, to make contact with a new community, to be among so many peers. Some of the people I met there are now good and close friends. I've built a network that I know and trust. And I keep expanding that, meeting more inspiring and amazingly skillful people.

What would like to see from the IFVP in the next 12 months?
Hmmmm.... I really don't know. At the moment I'm completely focused on two things:
First: Building a European community. We are exploring what European Visual Practitioners, want and need. We're doing this through four meet-ups around Europe this year, or powwows as we call them. And at the end you this year, we will see what we have, and work from there.

IFVP is part of this journey, as they are sponsoring us financially. And I have no doubts that what ever the end result will be, IFVP will be involved somehow.

Secondly: Setting up the next European-based international conference. It will be the EuViz 2.0 Conference, in the summer of 2018. The venue is a beautiful retreatlike conference hotel just north of Copenhagen in Rungstedgaard. Lots of ideas are percolating, and very now, the more focused planning starts!

What’s on your bookshelf? Which of the many books published by visual practitioners is your favorite?
I'm a book fanatic. I have A LOT of books from the field, and I applaud all books that come from this field, as I believe visual thinking and visual tools can be a great asset in every aspect of life, bringing clarity and commons ground.

I love the How-To Draw books of Ed Emberly and Bikablo.

But, my favourite must be the latest book by Brandy Agerbeck "The Idea Shapers". It's focused on your internal process, and how you get your ideas out of your head, into paper, and make them tangible. It's well-structured, easy to read, easy to understand, and just FULL of examples and "How To’s”. It really shows how you can use visual tools in any context.

What is the best piece of advice you received from another visual practitioner?
To trust my own style. 

Share a piece of your work with us (it can be fun, serious, whimsical, an icon, a chart, an illustration, whatever you are willing to and can share):
This one I made last year, at a Danish 2 day Summer Symposium that Process Ink organised and hosted.  At the end we should make a drawing of our take aways. And this is showing how I feel: That when I'm on my own (as I mostly am), I still have the group both around me, and within me. 


You can connect with Christina Hemmingsen here:
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