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August IFVP Board of Directors meeting

The IFVP Board of Directors met on Monday morning, August 14. We took time to check in and reviewed minutes, financial reports, membership reports and correspondence. We are delighted to have the support of Neuland for our upcoming 2024 Global Summit and will have more details in the next weeks. The Summit planning team will be on site Tuesday, August 15 to walk through the rooms, sign agreements and explore the downtown offerings. We are also excited that the IFVP Institute is close to launching the pilot cohort for the Visual Practitioner Certification through our connection with INIFAC, and approved a bridge grant to help finalize that arrangement. We received an invitation from the EVP board to hold a shared meeting with our board in September as they continue to build their organizational life. Our OLS programs continue and we are grateful for members and friends who are willing to offer their expertise to our community. The Regional meeting invitation has been sent out and we are hoping regions will use the form on our blog post to inform us of their plans. We spent time reviewing our value proposition statements for enthusiasts and independent self-employed practitioners. This is part of our overall ongoing strategic plan. We have identified our four personas, now we have value propositions for each, so we are on to strategic communication planning for a membership drive and value development. We discussed using agile or kanban or OKR processes to allow board members and volunteers to work on the comm tactics that we will be developing.  We also rediscovered some promotional materials (postcards) that we had used in the past (watch for some new social media on them!). Finally, we discussed upcoming board rotation and nominations processes. We feel positive about our community, our practice, our upcoming summit and the progress we have made on our strategic plan. If you have an interest in helping us implement our plan, let us know!