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bikablo Basic Day 1 Virtual Training

The bikablo Basics Program is the springboard into the wonderful world of visual thinking!

Lay the foundation for your future as a visualizer! With the pictograms, figures, and graphic elements of bikablo technology, you develop the basics of visual language. Over 1,000 participants worldwide attend bikablo's trainings every year.

For sketchnoters, scribes, graphic recorders, and graphic facilitators… and even beginners just stepping onto the path to becoming visual practitioners. Our approach customizes the learning experience for everyone's learning needs. In the eight-hour online program (two, two-hour sessions each day) you will:

  • Learn to hold the pen, draw clean lines, and structure your space on the flip chart
  • Create graphics and text containers/geometric shapes, objects, and symbols
  • Discover the easy ways the bikablo®method provides to draw people, roles, groups, and situations
  • Use simple and fast options to color elements and spaces to support the graphic structure
  • Improve your handwriting—make it more legible and attractive—on flip charts… and more!

Please reach out to me, (, with your questions, I love to share my passion for the bikablo method. 

Event Date and Time: 
Wednesday, March 22, 2023 - 11:00am
Event Location: 
Online - Eastern Daylight Savings Time
United States
Event Type: