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BOD IFVP October 2019 Testimonial.

Since my first official visual recorded in TEDx Chiang Mai 2013 Thailand, a few years later i found out IFVP. Therefore i applied for IFVP BOD in order of learning of what i don't know and contribute of what i am good at. I learnt many thing from Jenny Trautman (Former IFVP President) of how to lead and organize the visual meeting.
How to praise and compliment people for their voluntary hard work. I learnt the conference preparation protocol, the financial part from Renatta Algalarrondo. I do learnt how to collect, manage information from Philip Bakerlar & Launa. My appreciation working with Sunshine Benbelkarcem (IFVP president) following her vision and enthusiasm leveraging up visual practitioners awareness to the outside world.  

I do proud of IFVP new corporate identity design which i worked with my colleague (Methee Bangkha) represent IFVP new dimension for more professional look, simple with human being sense of hand draw style of logo. Thank you so much for having me.