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Calling All Masterminds, and the Rest of Us Who Have Questions

Hey IFVP members (and future members), what does an affiliation to a visual practice organization mean to you? Let’s get a conversation started. I joined IFVP in 2009 when I was exploring if graphic facilitation was a realistic career choice for me. I had met some practitioners who were making their livings as coaches and graphic recorders and I wondered if I was cut out to do the job. The answer was yes/maybe. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to network and collaborate with those amazing folks and other experts in the field. I operate as a subcontractor and as sole proprietor of my own business. Yet all these years later, the “maybe” still hangs over my head with doubts and questions about marketing my skills, my value proposition, and basic business practices and strategies.

Which leads me to wonder what kind of business questions my fellow IFVP members are asking themselves. And how we can help and support each other.

I’d love to hear your questions, experiences, and best practices when it comes to legal issues, promoting your work, pricing guidelines, imposter syndrome, and so much more. Our Online Learning Series offers workshops and discussions to build technical skills and drawing techniques. How about a separate Mastermind series with a concentration on the business of running a business!

What are 2 or 3 things you would like to know to grow your business? Or tell me about your doubts or fears of getting your visual practice started. Drop a few lines or comments to Put Mastermind in the subject line and our membership coordinator will compile a list of the questions and concerns our members have around the topic of business. In the next few weeks, we’ll put out a Zoom invitation to host a discussion and look for the opportunity to hear directly from each other.

In our goal to enhance professional and learning development, let’s take advantage of IFVP’s generous global community to connect and share with one another. I see some amazing conversations, collaborations, and contributions to workshops and learning modules coming soon! What can you contribute to get the conversation started?