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Cartoon and Storyboard Techniques Kit

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Karen Lloyd and Christina Merkley (with sidekicks Skye and JJ) Teach Cartoon and Storyboard Techniques To Add To Your Graphic Recording / Graphic Facilitation Toolkit.

The niche field of Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation (GR/GF) has taken the world by storm as it radiates from North American and European urban centers out across the globe. As a result, more and varied Process Professionals are using spontaneous, live, hand-drawn visual techniques to help people effectively think and feel.

Both as employees embedded in various kinds of organizations (corporate, governmental and not-for-profit) and as self-employed independents in the gig economy.

Given the live nature of the GR/GF approach, Practitioners need a myriad of artistic skills in order to be able to listen, write and illustrate the thoughts and feelings of clients and properly tell their stories.

Process Professionals who aren’t artists need to develop good-enough visual skills for the live and spontaneous aspects of working visually.

Process Professionals who do possess formal art training need to release perfectionism and standard rules in order to work in the speedy manner that GR/GF work demands.

This Online Study Kit caters to both audiences — Process Professionals who have no or little formal illustration or cartooning experience. And/or artists who need to truncate abilities in order to effectively work live and spontaneously.

The Home Study Kits are instantly available via online purchase. Upon purchase, you receive a private password to my SHIFT-IT School and access to the SHIFT-IT Kit area. I encourage you to proceed through the material in the order it is laid out, however, access to all modules is immediately given in case you have an urgent need to view certain topic areas.

Full Details and Immediate Download  

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Saturday, January 1, 2022 - 5:30pm
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Pre-recorded Webinar
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Step-by-Step Instruction with Karen Lloyd – learn at your own pace from your own home or office! The Deluxe Level includes 3 private coaching sessions for 1-to-1 support. SAVE 50% to assist during these intense times.