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Cheers in the New Year!

As this new year and my second term on the board of directors for IFVP starts, I reflect on the last two years and the upcoming years ahead. With our three new board members, I am excited about the fun we will have and the work we will accomplish. We have a wide range of expertise among us and a lot of passion going into this year.

When we met on January 20 for our first board meeting of 2024, we welcomed our new board members and launched a new way of working. I believe that we will accomplish great things in the coming months. We have an awesome team with whom I am honored to serve.

I am making 2024 a year to connect more deeply with the members of IFVP, bring more visual practitioners into the IFVP fold, and level up my business in fun and fantastic ways. FUN is my mantra and I already have plans to meet with friends in Durango and Virginia this summer where I will discover new ways of working and playing.

I am especially looking forward to the IFVP Summit this summer in Montclair, New Jersey. I am excited to see old friends and make new ones. Being a board member will be particularly special in that our team—whoever can make it to New Jersey—will get to hang out in person!

I wish you all a great 2024! What is your mantra for the coming year??