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Content Calendar

Here you will find the content calendar that we use for the newsletter.

The intent in sharing this is to allow you, the members (and supporters), to submit your own articles, reviews, opinions, drawings, videos and anything you can think to create to share your expertise with the rest of the membership. The greatest asset the IFVP has is without a doubt our members. You all have unique, interesting perspectives on how to approach this work, where you work, who you work with, and what industries you work with. Read on to see what areas you can contribute to! Email our Newsletter Editor, Brandon Black, by clicking on his name to share your perspective.

The IFVP Newsletter framework:

Our newsletter mission is simply to Inform, Improve, Introduce


Inform and technology – profile, how to do, basic information on how to populate your profile, what technology supporting membership, posting a blog, posting an event, getting started, news from the board re: strategic planning meeting outcomes. Conference Update: Key Notespeakers/Business Panel announced/Tracks


Improve – what can we learn from continuous learning perspective to scale knowledge, provide fundamentals for the beginners, get experienced members to share tricks and what they do/use, how to get involved in learning and teaching the ifvp community - sharing what know (fireside chat, conversations), conference news.


Introduce people – introduce the social media committee to get people to follow, who are new members, what members have been up to; Conference Update; Planning your Trip – places to go, places to eat, getting around, places to stay


Inform on member benefits, volunteering opportunities; Conference Update; Pre-con/Agenda


How to establish and building your business as individual, team, corp. Improving your prospects, Marketing; Conference Update; Agenda/Pre-cons


Introduce conference; Mid-Year Check-In from the BOD; Conference Update: Member Gala Dinner


Inform conference (goes out week of 15th); Summary of previous Conference Updates; how to map out your day/sign up for break outs


Improve learning and reflections from conference; recruit a few members beforehand to write about montclair 2019; Conference review, highlights, pictures, post conference slump


Introduce Conference 2020; share the IFVP strategic planning meeting outcomes; Board Nominations starts


Inform on the different ways an experienced VP career can look: peace building (Monica Brasov), Empowerment Coaching (Claudia Lopez), Leadership Development VP (Sunny), Teaching (Phil), Community improvement (Sita Manguson), Teaching (Heather Martinez, Kelvy Bird, Brandy Agerbeck, Christina Merkeley), Business Consulting (who dat?); Board nominations voting


Improve for AM- introduce a mentorship program, introduce mastermind programs? Hold this for the membership committee to develop something for advanced members, Introduce New Board Members


Year in Review, share your end of year reviews, how members prepare strategic planning for their business, templates used to review, forecast, and prepare, etc.