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December board of directors meeting

The Board of Directors met on Saturday, December 10, 2022 from 8:30-10:30am NYC time. We welcomed our new board members and spent time thinking about who we are together as the 2023 board. We spent time reflecting on our strengths and weaknesses and how we might work together to advance the sustainability of IFVP and deliver strong member benefit. We thought about the strategic planning work done in 2022 and the six initiatives and six committees that emerged from that work. We celebrated our geographic diversity as we come from Peru, Brazil, Germany, China, Korea and the United States. We also bring a diversity of backgrounds and skills: large corporate involvement, caricature and video animation, academic research, nonprofit management, organizational development and GR/GF experience. We recognized that since we are all volunteers our time and energy availability will be limited and ebb and flo through the year, but we are encouraged that our passions and skills can work together to advance the value we bring to our members. We spent time looking at how we work with our online collaboration platform (basecamp) and how our website works for members to create blogs, enrich profiles and create and participate in discussion groups. Our shared interest in using visuals for good helps us to feel a sense of belonging to this varied and wonderful community!