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December meeting of the board of directors

The IFVP board of directors met on Saturday, December 9. We checked in on each other's week and moved to reports. We noted that there are 246 members divided among premium and basic. We noted that we have 21 registrations for the Montclair Summit, which leaves 19 early bird spots left. We are anticipating that we will see significant gains in engagement in and around the Summit, and are preparing to be ready to involve people in various projects. In compliance with our bylaw requirements, we renewed our officer roles: Dr B will continue as president, Sarah will move from treasurer to secretary, and Jilly will serve as treasurer. We are working on a visual of our "IFVP Board Universe" to help orient new and existing board members to the many dimensions of the board's work, including some less visible things like compliance with bylaws, financial policies and committee structure as well as our communication and website work. We approved the Institute's request to add Kati Orav to the Institute board, with a focus on organizing our research base. We noted that there is a problem with the new board nominees voting page, which will be fixed in a few days. We are honored to be entrusted with the wellbeing of the organization, and are looking forward to starting 2024 with new board members and an exciting Summit coming up.