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Designing Your Gathering Experience: Anticipating IFVP

Are you thinking about going to Spain for the IFVP conference this July? Attending online? Going to another conference this year?

This workshop is a chance to design a great personal experience for an upcoming gathering, like IFVP! (Note: I'm going to IFVP as a participant, but I am not an organizer for it).

Connect with the larger purpose of why you are attending this event/conference/gathering/workshop (like IFVP) and clarify your goals, strategy, and needs so your experience can align with your purpose. And maybe plan fun adventures too!

We will:

  • Clarify your purpose and desired outcomes
  • Explore the context, details, challenges, and success factors that will help you have a satisfying time and make decisions
  • Explore potential adventures to add-on (snorkeling in Spain?)
  • Explore logistical questions, tips, recommendations from the group, etc.
  • Make connections with other people who may be attending!

Note: The 2022 IFVP Visual Thinking Global Summit is happening July 27 - 30th in Bilbao, Spain, and online. Learn more and register here!

Rachel Thompson is the founder and strategic director of Daring Studios. She works at the intersection of strategy and design using virtual collaboration, visual facilitation, and human-centered design. She is the host and producer of the Note of Daring podcast.

Event Date and Time: 
Tuesday, April 12, 2022 - 5:00pm
Event Location: 
Online - Eastern Daylight Savings Time
United States
Event Type: 
Virtual Workshop